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Welcome to Personals Community

Welcome to Australia's Largest Personals Community.

If you're looking for a relationship, dating, friendship or someone to just have fun with. You've come to the right place.

Found online and in your local newspaper Australia's Largest Personals Community is safe and easy to use.

We have hundreds of local people searching for friendships, permanent relationships and dating.

Start searching for your perfect match! Just select from the options on the left and click search! Then just click on "contact me" under the advertisement profile and start meeting people today!

To use this service you must have access to premium 190 numbers on your phone, if you do not have access please contact your service provider to have this activated.

Success Stories

Tanya & Mark from NSW
Hi, my name is Tanya I'm writing to tell people out there that Australia's Largest Voice Personals Community works and it is the safe way to meet people seeking love or friendship.

I placed an ad looking for love and I was very surprised at how many calls I got! It was number 4 who touched my heart.
In 2005 we were married and now have 2 beautiful children! That is our love story so far, and we wish people luck in finding love or friendship.

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